GRAIN AND PULSES                                                    


The objective is to utilize capital through purchase of grains, pulses, coffee from members and supply of agricultural inputs and supplies to members at fair prices that increase members’ agricultural business profitability. KACE sales and marketing will comply with legal, legislative, liquidity and policy constraints of the Cooperatives Act, Regulations, KACE Bylaws and this sales and marketing policy.

Sale/Purchase is defined as exchange of goods for money between KACE and her members (in special circumstances non-members).

KACE will provide fair and equitable prices to its members both on sale of inputs to the members and purchase of agricultural produce from the members. This sales and marketing service will include various types of goods, storage, transport and processing facilities and ongoing correspondence to keep members informed.

The Board of Directors will approve all sales services offered, prices and conditions of the sales and marketing program.

MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENT                           

Any individual applying to market their produce with KACE or to purchase supplies from KACE must be a member of KACE and must maintain that membership until all outstanding debt s) to KACE Limited have/has been repaid in full


All types of goods approved by the Board of Directors will be purchased from members or sold to members. These goods include:

Purchase of maize, beans, and coffee from members or any other food crop produced by the members and has been found to viable to be traded in by KACE management.

Sales of Agro-inputs (fertilizers, agrochemicals, seeds, fungicides, plant growth boosters) and tools (hand hoes, ox-ploughs, ox-carts, machetes, axes, planters, weeders  

 PURCHASE AND SALES PRICES                       

The Manager or his/her designate shall have the authority to establish price rates and fees subject to ratification by the Board of Directors at the next regularly scheduled board meeting.

Prices will be established in relationship to the marketplace and will reflect a reasonable margin for KACE considering the factors of cost of providing the service, cost of capital, risk exposure and market strategy.

The board of directors shall have discretionary authority, within their authorized limits, to specify the price rate on any variations from the original contract, (add-on, of a bonus to the member for the volumes traded during the season).

The price to be paid or charged on the goods will be the price in effect on the day the good is purchased from or sold to a member.