Board and management


Isa Kamonges



Chebet Najat



Muhamud Modondo


Business Governance and Management Arrangements


KACE has a 9-member Board of Directors elected by the members at a legally constituted annual general meeting (AGM). The board is chaired by Mr. Issa Yusuf Kamonges, who has strong leadership, mobilization and marketing skills.  The 9 Directors of the cooperative formulate policies, hire a manager to implement policies set by the board and monitor management implementation of those policies. The Board of Directors meet on a quarterly basis to review the business performance and provide strategic direction to management. The board also sets targets for management, reviews policies and operations. Extra-ordinary board meetings are held when urgent decisions need to be taken within a short period of time.  The current Board of Directors are:

        Current Governance Structure of KACE

Directors Position Qualifications
Issa Kamonges Chairman Diploma
Rabogi Geoffrey Vice chairman O’Level
Chebet Najat Treasurer O’Level
Musobo Dafala Secretary O’Level
Yeko Judith Member Primary
Saraji Yusuf Shelle Member Junior
Kitiyo Munibu Member Degree
Chebet Hairat Member O’Level
Masengo Muhamed Member Junior II

Management Team

KACE has a 3-member management team headed by the Manager Mr. Muhamud Yusuf Mudondo who has been with the cooperative for the last 08 years. He has been the force behind the successful soliciting of contracts for the cooperative. He has established valuable contacts and business relationships, which have contributed to the continued growth and success of this business. His main tasks are to ensure the smooth running of the business, which involves the day-to-day decision-making, coordination of work streams to ensure that set monthly business targets are met and even surpassed at times.  Below is a table showing KACE’s current senior management staff:

 Management Team

Name Position Qualifications/


Yrs. with KACE Yrs. of Experience
Muhamud Yusuf Mudondo Manager Diploma 08 08
Soyekwo Shair Accountant Diploma 6month
Zalifa Mudondo Stores /marketing Tertiary 2 month

From the tabulation above, it is clear that KACE shall need to beef up its staff strength if it has to meet the challenges of production, processing and marketing. The plan is to recruit and fill the following staff positions that will be created to meet this challenge: general manager, marketing assistant, finance manager, stores manager.

Management and Technical Skills Analysis

The cooperative requires to boost its staff complement to include a General Manager, Finance and Administration Manager, Production manager, Marketing Manager and Sales Representatives in order to fully function as a trading cooperative.