Our Area Coperative Enterprise

Who we are

The cooperative has established itself in the production of maize, beans and coffee with a reputation for producing quality and affordable products in a market that is large and growing.

Kaserem Area Cooperative Enterprise Limited (KACE) is a legally established business, registered on 26th January, 2005 as a cooperative society. The cooperative society is owned by 20RPOs with a total membership of 1,495 as of 15th August, 2017. The co-operative’s premises are located at Kaserem trading center 42 Km along Mbale Kapchorwa Road in Kapchorwa district in eastern Uganda. Kapchorwa district is 196 Km east of Kampala and 60 Km east of Mbale town. KACE purchases agricultural produce from her members bulks and sales the said produce to wholesalers. KACE also purchases quality agricultural inputs, tools and supplies and sales these to her members at a reasonable price margin that enables the cooperative to cover its costs, but does not exploit the members. KACE’s primary products are maize, beans and coffee all supplied by the members of the cooperative society. KACE buys these produce from its members and bags and brands it under its own brand name, and then markets it as such. .

Our Cooperative and Business

Currently, the cooperative society does not have adequate liquidity to meet members cash needs and this tempts some of the members to side sell to KACE competitors. This has continued to eat into KACE’s profitability and service delivery to her members. In terms of quality, KACE is striving to encourage her members to produce quality agricultural produce which is cleaner and uniform as a strategy to attract reliable uptakers. To improve both on quality and quantity of output KACE needs to adopt innovations needed to spur her members to be responsive to the market requirements. KACE’s business opportunities lie in the readily available maize, beans and coffee produced by her members some varieties of which are only unique to the montane climatic conditions in the area. KACE has additional business opportunities in other crops produced by her members and in high demand in the urban centers of the country and in the region. These include matooke, vegetables, passion fruits among others.

With a diverse product portifolio

KACE currently trades in three core products; maize, beans and coffee. This diverse portfolio shields KACE from losses that one single product